The firm seeks to differentiate itself not only in the case-by-case service of its constituents, the reason of its existence, but also in the constant legal improvement of its team of professionals, aiming to contribute to the best and most effective realization of law.


Arnaldo Lima & Barbosa Moreira Lawyers & Consultants provides legal assistance at the national level, in all instances, defending the interests of its clients through preventive consultations and acting in judicial and administrative disputes. The firm is also a national reference in the preparation of legal opinions in various areas of law.

  • Filing of actions for collection and execution, monitoring, cancellation and suspension of protestsFiling and tracking of judicial reorganization actions of companies and bankruptcy filings
  • Preparation of opinions, analysis of commercial and business contracts in general, especially banking, loan, service, purchase and sale contracts
  • Preparation of defenses in general, Collective Agreements, Collective Conventions, Collective Bargaining, among others
  • Preparing, filing, development of testimony and monitoring of actions related to labor law
  • Working complaint
  • Employee reinstatement
  • Moral damages arising from bullying / sexual harassment
  • Preparation of opinions and answers to the consultations associated with labor, social security, and trade union legislation
  • Advice on the procedures to be adopted by companies to affect the hiring of employees, denouncing and taking the necessary measures to reduce and / or eliminate risks
  • Consultation on trade union negotiations
  • Elaboration of defenses, consignment and payment actions, writ of mandamus, injunction, declaratory action, appeals before all Labor Courts and Labor Public Prosecution Service.
  • Advising and conducting processes of incorporation, merger, spin-off, and acquisition of companies
  • Preparation and analysis of articles of incorporation and bylaws for integration, structuring, and alteration of companies
  •  Development of shareholders agreement
  •  Due Diligence or Legal Audit
  • Preparation of opinions on matters related to Corporate Law
  •  Advice for the early, cautious and secure definition of successions in family businesses, both property, and management (Succession Planning)
  • Attendance at company meetings
  •  Preparation of agreements and instruments of quota holders and shareholders
  •  Legal and arbitration sponsorship of quota holders and shareholders in corporate conflicts
  • Legal advice in the Notary and Registry area, combining knowledge, experience, agility, and extreme seriousness in the search for legal solutions. The services provided range from routine legal advice, advice, legal opinions, analysis and drafting of various types of contracts and operations to the administrative and judicial defense of holders of notarial and registry delegation.
  • Analysis of administrative contracts, agreements and other instruments signed with and by the Public Administration
  •  Follow-up of regulatory processes in general, including bidding, presentation of defenses, appeals, and challenges
  •  Preparation of opinions, analysis of the legality and constitutionality of bills, resolutions, ordinances, decrees, and others
  • Legal advice and consultancy in the management of administrative contracts, mainly aimed at maintaining the economic and financial balance
  • Litigation in regulatory and judicial proceedings
  • Legal advice to municipalities and occupants of public office
  • Mapping and risk prevention
  •  Advice and consultancy on environmental legislation
  •  Legal support of ecological licensing processes and authorizations
  •  Consulting for the elaboration of projects
  •  Advising on the review of TAC and negotiation of compensatory measures
  •  Mining heritage management
  •  Litigation in administrative and judicial proceedings
  • Being the public area destined to govern the contractual, family, patrimonial and obligatory relations, is the base structuring of the office. The firm provides consultancy, advice, and acts in court on issues involving: Real Estate Law, Contract Law, Leases, and Liability.
  • Advice on issuing/obtaining negative debit and/ or positive certificates with a negative effect
  • Preparation of opinions on issues involving matters related to tax law
  • Refund of Taxes wrongly paid
  • Presentation of defenses and appeals in administrative and judicial proceedings.
  • Always attentive to constitutional issues, the firm has extensive experience in the field of public law, including constitutional law. This profile enables the firm to provide, with excellence, legal services supported by the analysis of the decisions of our Supreme Court and other guidelines that move the interpretative activity of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil.
  • Corporate criminal legal advice for both individuals and legal entities. Acting since the extrajudicial phase (Police Inquiry), accompanying the client in his statement and requesting due diligence with the investigation agents. In the statutory period, it is acting from the preparation of Notitia Ciminis and representations to the police and prosecutors delegates to the filing of criminal complaints, preliminary and merit defenses, appeals and the production of oral argument before the courts of the second instance and superiors.
  • Legal advice to professionals in the prevention of indemnity claims for moral and material damages, including the preparation of administrative defenses involving civic responsibility.
  • Consultancy and legal advice in the purchase and sale of real estate, in the analysis and monitoring of negotiations, obtaining negative certificates, drafting contracts, public deed and obtaining registration, execution, review and judicial termination of contracts.
  • Arnaldo Lima & Barbosa Moreira law firm is a national reference in the elaboration of legal opinions in several areas of law.
  • Advice to Companies on commercial practices, aiming at their compliance with the Consumer Protection Code
  • Preparation, filing, defense, and monitoring of actions related to consumer rights.
  • Preparation, review, and advice on the formalization of civil and administrative contracts, including property lease agreements.

Contentious and consultative performance, with the TSE, TREs and electoral boards.

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